Terms and conditions – General conditions

For you who are a private person, the Swedish Distance Contracts Act applies (see below regarding the right of withdrawal), as well as the Swedish Consumer Purchase Act, which has strict provisions, which means that the law applies even if you have agreed otherwise. For companies, including sole traders, the Swedish Purchase Act applies, which is dispositive, which means that agreements between companies apply primarily before the law. Once you have registered and placed your order, you also agree to our privacy policy on how we store and use your information. Should any condition be found to be invalid according to what applies under Swedish or EU law, this shall not mean that the terms of purchase become invalid in their entirety, but the invalid condition shall in that case be replaced by equivalent legal text.


If you are under 18 years of age, you must have a guardian, ie. parent’s permission to place an order. Such permission can be given by a parent sending their express permission to us by e-mail. All false orders are tracked down and reported to the police, and if we have suffered financial or other damage, we will demand damages.

It is clear in the online store whether the prices are inclusive or exclusive of VAT. As we only sell to customers outside the EU, exports from Sweden, no VAT is charged on our products in accordance with current VAT legislation.

Delivery terms

You pay for shipping in accordance with what is stated at check-out. We ship our goods with UPS, DHL and PostNord. Delivery time: Orders placed no later than Sunday 24.00 are normally delivered the following Friday, the exact delivery date depends on the delivery address.

You will receive a tracking number via email when your consignment note has been created with us, and with the help of that you can track your order.

All items with a buy button in the online store are in stock. We reserve the right to delete non-deliverable goods from your order with a price deduction for the same. If you wish to order another equivalent item, this is to be regarded as a new order. If you wish to cancel an item due to a delay in delivery, this is possible until the item has been effected (see below under “Cancellation”). Partial deliveries are only made at your request and may incur additional shipping costs for you.

Method of delivery: Goods are normally sent by UPS, DHL or PostNord and left at your door. It is your responsibility to ensure that the address you provided at the time of ordering is correct. It includes any door code, number of stairs, apartment number, etc. if needed for the delivery to be carried out.

For questions about delivery, contact our distributor: Vanersol Inc. by email contact@swedishcheese.shop.

A cancellation is not valid until you have received confirmation of it from us. You can cancel your order at no cost to you until the order has been executed, ie if the delivery has been packed and / or an invoice or shipping document has been created. After this time, you are obliged to receive the delivery. Cancellation of non-stocked goods that have been ordered or manufactured especially for you, is not possible, after we have ordered or started the manufacture of the product / service.

To cancel, contact our distributor: Vanersol Inc. by email contact@swedishcheese.shop.

Right of withdrawal

Food is a fresh product and is not covered by the right of withdrawal and you can therefore not cancel your purchase.

Complaints and repurchases in certain cases

You must complain about a defective item or delivery to us within a reasonable time. If you as an entrepreneur have received a damaged product, or we have sent the wrong item, you must send a complaint to us by e-mail as soon as you receive the item. It applies to both private individuals and companies that the damaged and incorrectly sent goods must be returned in the same packaging and with the same transport company as when it was received, together with a detailed description of the error. If we can not send a new item to you within a reasonable time, we will refund the return shipping and what you paid for the damaged or incorrectly shipped item, but we will not refund the original shipping.

If your cheeses are bad or damaged, we will primarily try to replace you with new products. If this is not possible, we will make a refund via NETS to the card you used when you made your purchase.

Replacement goods

We reserve the right to exchange goods for an equivalent product if necessary.

Information, photos&pictures

We reserve the right to make printing errors as well as errors in information and specifications regarding goods and services that appear in our range. If there are images in our online store, they should not be seen as exact images of a particular item.

Force majeur

Both parties shall be exempt from performance of the agreement if performance is prevented or substantially impeded by a circumstance which the party could not reasonably have mastered or anticipated.

The following and similar circumstances shall be considered as grounds for exemption where they prevent or hinder the performance of the agreement: fire, war, mobilization, requisition, seizure, currency restrictions, general shortage of goods, shortage of means of transport, strike, lockout, restrictions in the form of power and failure or delay of deliveries from subcontractors based on a circumstance referred to in this paragraph or other circumstances beyond the control of a party, which either impedes or impedes the performance of a party to such an extent that it can only be done at an abnormally high cost.


If you are a private individual, our policy is to always follow the Swedish General Complaints Board’s recommendations. Disputes between companies are decided by a general court based in Stockholm, Sweden.